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This Could Be Your Finest Hour!

Published: Tue, 07/09/24

Updated: Tue, 07/09/24

From ICU To The Promised Land Dear Friends, On Christmas Day last year, my wife Dagmar had a brain bleed. Fear gripped me as her life hung in the…

God Designates The Places Where We Live

Published: Mon, 06/17/24

Updated: Tue, 06/18/24

"Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place Throughout All Generations." Psalms 90:1 Dear Friends, Thank you for praying for the sale of our house. The…

Travel Light

Published: Tue, 06/04/24

Updated: Wed, 06/05/24

The Eye Of A NeedleUpdate On Our Move:"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to…

Update On Our New Home

Published: Wed, 04/17/24

Dear Friends, We wanted to share about the move to our new home. In order to sell our present house, we needed to put more money in it than e pected.

Are You Hurting?

Published: Wed, 03/06/24

Tell God Where It Hurts I found myself awake and praying until 3am this morning over a hurtful remark that was hard to forgive. Finally, the fear of…

Glorious Retreat Experience

Published: Thu, 02/22/24

Rediscovering God's Treasures Dear Friends,I wanted to give you a report on how God moved in The Treasures Retreat with former inmates last weekend. I…

Unplanned Bike Ride

Published: Thu, 02/08/24

The Bumps On The Road I wish one of us five kids on one bike would have seen that bump sign before we started down the hill. But no one saw it. If…

A Wake Up Call

Published: Wed, 01/24/24

The Ram In The Bush Dear Friends, The follow-up with my wife Dagmar's MRI shows that the brain bleed is resolving itself and will be completely gone…

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